About Benchmark 3D


Benchmark 3D Archery Shooters Association is a private association leading the way for marked distance archery events in Australia, using the newest and best range of targets and 3D targets supplied by industry leaders such as Wildcrete Targets more. We are a small team taking these competitions to different venues across Australia, supported by Archery Industry Leaders like Apex Hunting, Shrewd Archery, Gold Tip, Bohning, and many more while paying prize money back into multiple divisions and giving back to our amazing community!

Our vision is set on being one of the best Marked Distance Archers Associations in all of Asia Pacific, holding events at great venues where there’s no need to worry about your equipment breaking or you getting lost along with bringing together people from various disciplines so they can compete side by side and women who have not been as visible in our sport historically – which we believe sets us apart as leaders who have what it takes when it comes down to setting benchmarks that everyone strives towards achieving

Who Can Join?
All Archers Are Welcome!

We cater for families through to the top level archers in Australia. Our goal is to bring archers from all walks in life together and enjoy what Archery has to offer. All archers are welcome to come along and join in the fun of archery, we strive to bring archery enthusiast from different discipline together to compete on a level field and bring an active outdoors lifsetyle of boating, camping and fishing. So if you love the outdoors and Archery intrigues you, sign up to one of our events that we host at great venues with promised enjoyment for families and archers of all levels! Without the support of you the archer, there is no Benchmark 3D Events.

Our Core Values


Frequently Asked Questions.

50 Yards is the longest shot. Majority are closer! Refer to our Classes/Divisions page!

That is completely up to you! However we do suggest you check out our Classes/Divisions page and read each Class Description.

Both! However to be eligible for awards you MUST shoot for 2 days.

Online Registration is encourged! In-Person registration will Open 04.02.22 @ 5pm, 05.02.22 @ 6am, and 06.02.22 @ 6am!

The courses will be open at 8:30 am on 05.02.22 and 06.02.22.

Yes there is! 05.02.2 will be open at 6:00 AM and 06.02.22 at 6:00 AM!

Absolutely there is! At Benchmark 3D we strive to lead the way in the sport of Archery and 3D Archery. We highly promote our online registration because it grants you EASY and INSTANT access to your Archery Event Ticket and Information! You can register online HERE!

Yes! It costs $10 PER PERSON per night. You can book HERE!

Yes, as long as the shoot group agrees and the dog is kept on a lead at all times.