Bec Darby


How Many Years Have You Been Involved In Archery?

I’ve been involved for 33 years! 

Who's Your Local Club?

My Local Archery Club is Saxon Archery Club, Hervey Bay Archers.

Bec Darby Commonwealth Games Delhi 2010
Bec Darby Competitive Archery

What Type of Archery Do You Shoot?

I shoot IFAA, ABA, Fita, and 3D.

Do You Hunt?

Yes, but not enough!

Favourite Archery Memory?

My favourite archery memory would have to be competing at The Commonwealth Games in Dehli, 2010.

What About Archery Appeals To You?

Archery is such an addictive sport, it encourages you to be the best you can be. It has taken me all over the world and I have achieved things I never thought I would. The Friendships that you make with people all over the world are unbelievable and they really are my second family.

Are Any Family Members Involved In Archery?

My Dad Kelly got me started in archery when I was 6, my Mum, Lyn and Brother, Greg then took up the sport as well. Greg has just taken shooting again and also has his two oldest boys, Bailey and Kyle starting to shoot now as well. My partner, Mouse also shoots and we have lots of archery holidays.

First and Current Bow?

My first bow was a PSE Scamp, I remember it being nearly as big as me and so heavy!

For IFAA and Fita, I am shooting an Elite Energy 35 at 50 Pounds. Surloc Sight, Speciality Scope, Spigarelli Drop Away Rest, Be-Stinger Stabilisers, Carter Fits Me Too Release Aid and Carbon Express Nano 680 Arrows.

For ABA, I am shooting an Elite set up, but I have been dabbling in shooting Bowhunter Recurve with Sabastian Flute Riser, WNS Limbs at 24 Pounds, Cavalier Rest and Easton Inspire Arrows.

To Hunt, I am shooting a PSE DNA at 52 Pounds, Pin Sight, Bow Quiver, 400 Spine Arrows and a Scott Wrist Release.

What Are Some of Your Great Achievements In Or Outside of Archery?

So many achievements to pick from but some of my biggest ones is competing in the Commonwealth Games in Dehli, 2010 and fishing Ninth in the Individual Event and Fourth in the Teams Event for Fita. Placing Second in Scotland 2002 for World IFAA, Third in 2006 a Wide Bay Archers for The World IFAA, and to complete the Trio Finally Winning the Gold in 2016 at Wagga Wagga in the World IFAA Titles.

Do You Have Any Sponsors?

I am currently sponsored by Plus Arrows, TOG, Elite Bows, Scott Release Aids, Winners Choice Bow Strings and Slick Trick Broad Heads.

Any Last Words?


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