Elva Smith


How Many Years Have You Been Involved In Archery?

I’ve been involved in archery for 18 years!

Who's Your Local Club?

I’m currently a member of Caboolture and District Bowmen Inc. I’d like to add that it is the most fantastic club with great friendly and dedicated people!

What Type of Archery Do You Shoot?

I shoot 3DAAA, which is where 3D rubber lifesized targets are set at an unknown distance. 

Do You Hunt?

No, but I have been out hunting with my husband a few times. 

Favourite Archery Memory?

My favourite memory is when both Chris and I won the Queensland and Australian Titles, Shooter of The Year for our respective divisions and I was privileged in being awarded the Margaret Cowan Award. I was so honoured to be recognised for such a prestigious award, it is very humbling. To top it off, I also robin-hooded the last arrow shot for the Nation Titles which was a real buzz! 

What About Archery Appeals To You?

The camaraderie of the people in archery is just amazing and also shooting with people that have a passion for the sport. Everyone is willing to help each other. Getting out in the bush to shoot is fantastic too, what we all love to do… It is a sport that also mentally challenges you to perform your best if you want to achieve a higher standard of shooting. You can be competitive with other fellow archers or only within yourself. It is up to you how you want to pursue the sport. 

Are Any Family Members Involved In Archery?

When we initially started back in 2003, our family were all participating in the sport. Chris, myself, my daughter Rebecca and my son Joshua. My daughter has found other interest and challenges in life and is not shooting archery anymore but Chris, myself and Joshua are still shooting archery and are still enjoying it.

First and Current Bow?

My first bow was a Recurve Bow.

Currently I am shooting with an Elite Victory X, 50 pounds, Shrewd Scope and Lens, B3 Sight, QAD Drop Away Rest, Black Eagle Carnivore Arrows, Carter Just B-Cuz Release Aid.

What Are Some of Your Great Achievements In Or Outside of Archery?

As I only started at a later stage in my life, it has been rewarding to have been able to achieve and obtain the awards that I have over the years in the few different divisions that I have. However of late, I get great pleasure in providing help and assistance to other fellow archers new to the sport, young and old, to assist them to develop their skills in archery and providing them with much-needed support, this is something that I find far more rewarding nowadays. 

Do You Have Any Sponsors?

My husband, Chris, he is always there to assist me with the technical side of my setup and also supporting me to acquire the skills needed to shoot.

Any Last Words?

I would like to fully acknowledge my husband, Chris, as he has been the rock that has aided me to what I have achieved in archery to date. Not only assisting me to set up my gear but also in mentally challenging myself. He is a great mentor and is always willing to help fellow archers. I’m sure other fellow archers can vouch for that. Chris really knows his stuff when it comes to archery. So for that, thank you Chris for all that you do and have done over the years we have been shooting archery. 

For the Women out there, don’t be afraid to give archery a go. Join a club and you won’t be disappointed!