Jeanette Dowd


How Many Years Have You Been Involved In Archery?

I’ve been involved in archery for 36 Years!

Who's Your Local Club?

I’m currently a member of Renegade Bowmen.

What Type of Archery Do You Shoot?

I shoot ABA, IFAA and 3D.

Do You Hunt?

Yes, I have been an active hunter with a bow for over 34 years! Going through my hunting records since I did my ABA Hunting Proficiency. There have only been 1 or 2 years ever since that I have not claimed game through ABA.

Favourite Archery Memory?

I have so many! My favourite would have to be competing in The 2016 World Field Archery Championships alongside my eldest daughter Katie with myself placing Second and Katie placing Third in Ladies Bowhunter Unlimited. Not too many Mothers and Daughters can say they have done that.

What About Archery Appeals To You?

Archery is a great family sport. With myself and husband Kev both having a love and passion for all thing archery. Both our girls have shot bows their whole life. Now they are both married and their husbands now shoot and their kids have started shooting at the young age of 2 Years Old! As we all live in different places we meet up at State and National Archery Events and all camp together. Our family motto is “The family that plays together, stays together.” It runs true in our household.

First and Current Bow?

My first bow was a York.

Currently, I’m pretty lucky as I have 3 bow setups, all Hoyt. For ABA I shoot a Hoyt Proforce FX set at 26 inches and 58 pounds with Easton Carbon One 600 Spine Arrows. For hunting, I shoot a Hoyt Axius Alpha set at 26 inches and 63 pounds with Easton Axis 400 Spine and Slick Trick Briadheads. For IFAA I shoot a Hoyt Pro Force set at 26 inches and 56 pounds with Easton X0 Pro Fours 560 Spine.

What Are Some of Your Great Achievements In Or Outside of Archery?

Being awarded life membership to Renegade Bowmen as well as receiving the ABA Sid Green Award and ABA Branch D Tony Firmen Award. It’s pretty special receiving these great awards for doing what you love to do. I have been a club coach since 2006, and the ABA Branch D Coach since 2011. To me, there is nothing better than seeing new people get into the sport and being able to help them reach their archery goals.

Do You Have Any Sponsors?

I was lucky to get sponsored by Abbey Archery at the start of 2005 and then when they opened a store in Brisbane I got to work in the stores as the store manager. My eldest daughter first was sponsored by Abbey Archery when she was 12 Years Old back in 2001. A couple of years later they sponsored my husband Kev, then later in 2005 they sponsored the whole family!

Any Last Words?

One day back in 1985 when Kev and I got asked if we would like to go out to the Renegade Bowmen Club to have a go at archery. I did not know that after that day our lives changed for the better and we had both found a sport that we truly love. It has taken us to archery competitions around Australia, America, South Africa, New Zealand and Germany, where we have made so many lifelong friends.