Tracy Redgrove


How Did You Start Archery?

I always liked the idea of shooting a bow, so I researched where the clubs were and simply picked a day and drove to a club. I have been hooked well and truly ever since.

How Many Years Have You Been Involved In Archery?

I started archery in 2014. 

Who's Your Local Club?

I have been a member of a few different clubs throughout the following associations, ABA, 3DAAA, Archery Australia. IFAA and ANAA.

What Type of Archery Do You Shoot?

Indoor WA, Indoor IFAA, Indoor Vegas, Target and Field, 3DAAA, ABA and Archery Australia.

Do You Hunt?

Yes, I sure do!

Favourite Archery Memory?

I have lots of wonderful memories, shooter of the year, numerous Australian championship wins, sportsperson of the year, but winning Gold in Sydney with my Mum watching was a special moment. Shooting World Title Tournaments throughout Australia (Gold) and New Zealand (Silver) where I tied for first and ended up with a Silver Medal after three days of shooting and a shoot-off for the Gold Medal. I have also been fortunate to travel and shot first place in Cape Town, South Africa which was amazing and Norfolk Island. All of these shoots are extremely proud moments in my archery career.

I also enjoyed flying to Melbourne with my sponsors Sherwood Archery Supplies to attend the George Ryals Archery Coaching Seminar – George is a top USA Archery Coach.

What About Archery Appeals To You?

Archery is a very friendly family orientated sport, it is like any other sport, the more time you put into it, the more reward and enjoyment you get out of it.

Are Any Family Members Involved In Archery?

Unfortunately no.

First and Current Bow?

I have numerous bows in my possession. The first one was a Winchest set up as a barebow. Then a Hoyt Carbon Matrix G3, which I still use in the field and GoldTip ultralight pros.

Prime STX One 36, which is my dedicated indoor bow that I still shoot with, the arrows are Black Eagle and GoldTip.

Hoyt Prevail for Hunting with GoldTip arrows.

I also have a recurve for a bit of relaxing fun, shooting with Heritage arrows.

You can never have too many bows!

What Are Some of Your Great Achievements In Or Outside of Archery?

When I think back to the very first arrow that I ever shot (I missed the butt completely), to overtime learn all I could about fine-tuning my technique, tuning my bows, setting up my arrows to get the best possible set up I could to achieve the best I could. Even with a different draw technique, it suited me and proved that it worked for me. 

It took a lot of hard work on my fitness and training to reach a high level of shooting but that part was easy when you have so much love and passion for the sport. Living some distance away from clubs was always a challenge but I never let that stop me from doing something I love doing. I was fortunate that I had the space to practice at home, from starting as a complete novice to competing in the World Titles. Shooting in International Competitions is something I will be forever proud of. If not for COVID-19 it would have been interesting to see just how much further I could have gone with my passion.

I have a lot of people to thank for all their help and support in all sorts of ways. From the very beginning right up to where COVID-19 took over when I was shooting in South Africa, every step of the way was important to gaining knowledge to help me proudly achieve what I have.

Do You Have Any Sponsors?

Sherwood Archery Supplies – Coffs Harbour.

Benson Archery, Carbon Express Arrows, Killara Feedlot, Zbros Sight Light.

Any Last Words?

If you love doing something you should follow your dreams to the best of your ability to fulfil a very satisfying time of your life. Take the opportunity and run with it, if the opportunity presents itself!