Andrea McFarlane


How Did You Start Archery?

My husband introduced me to the sport.

How Many Years Have You Been Involved In Archery?

I’ve been involved for 11 years! 

Who's Your Local Club?

My Local Archery Club is North Albert Field Archers, QLD Australia.

What Type of Archery Do You Shoot?

I shoot 3DAAA, which is an unknown distance at static 3-dimensional targets.

Do You Hunt?

When I began archery it was all hunting but once I had the pleasure of being introduced to 3DAAA, hunting took a back seat.

Favourite Archery Memory?

I have two favourite archery memories. The first was my daughter and I both winning National Shooter of The Year in our respective divisions, (I believe this was the first time a Mother and Daughter won this award in the same year). The second was to win my seventh Shooter of The Year Award for my division in 3DAAA.

What About Archery Appeals To You?

First and foremost is the people you get to meet and compete against, it is like a big family. Secondly the mental and physical challenges you have to conquer whether competing or practising.

Are Any Family Members Involved In Archery?

I am very fortunate that both my husband and daughter shoot competively.

First and Current Bow?

My first bow was a Browning Micro Midas.

My current bow and set details arrows are 2020 Mathews TRX 36, 50 pounds, 26.5-inch draw. Black Eagle PS23 500 Spine arrows, Axcel Sight. T.R.U Ball hunger release with PR Signature Stabilisers.

What Are Some of Your Great Achievements In Or Outside of Archery?

Starting archery at the age I did, and then to go on and win 5 National Championships as well as 7 National Shooter of the Year Awards.

Do You Have Any Sponsors?

Bowfinger Archery and PS Signature Stabilisers.

Any Last Words?

I would encourage anyone of any age to find a club and give archery a go, you might be hooked for life!