Women In Archery

Women IN Archery

We Would Like to Introduce Our Women In Archery Page!

Benchmark 3D Shooters Association is all about community and promoting our community, especially the amazing women in our sport! 
Whether they’re helping around at the club, supporting you on a rough day and a good person through and through to Top Level Archers.

We wouldn’t be here without our Community and the Amazing Women in our community!

Our Women IN Archery


Anika Drosd

Anika’s husband, Ryan, bought Anika a bow for Christmas in 2018! She later started in February 2019 and soon became addicted!
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Joanne Bogie

Joanne started archery 8 years ago at the age of 50, her nephew loved archery, and Joanne believed it was something she could pick up on her own and soon became addicted!
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Tracy Redgrove

Tracy started archery in 2014! Tracy always loved the idea of shooting a bow, so she did her research on where the clubs were and simply picked a day, drove to the club, and has been hooked well and truly ever since.
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Andrea McFarlane

Andrea started archery 11 years ago, her husband introduced her to the sport of archery. When Andrea first started archery she began by traditional hunting but once she had the pleasure of being introduced to 3D archery, hunting took a backseat.
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Katie Mann and Son Archery

Katie Mann

Katie has been involved in Archery for 30 years! Katie has an entire life filled with archery achievements and memories that could entertain you for hours!
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Katie Mann and Son Archery
Bec Darby Commonwealth Games Delhi 2010

Bec Darby

Bec has been involved in Archery for 33 years! Bec has travelled around the World competing at competitions like The Commonwealth Games in Delhi, 2010! And that’s just one of many achievements for Bec.
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Jeanette Dowd

Jeanette has been involved in Archery for 36 years! Jeanette loves archery and shooting with her family!
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Shayna Antonio

Shayna has been involved in Archery for her whole life! Shayna has travelled around Australia competing in National Titles and loves to shoot with her family!
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Elva Smith

Elva has been involved in Archery for 18 years! Although Elva hasn’t been shooting her whole life she has some spectacular achievements!
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Jasmine Voges

Jasmine loves the discipline needed to achieve the result – a set of steps that you have to execute just right in order to achieve the goal. I’m a perfectionist by nature so there’s a constant drive to do better than I did the last time or better than I’ve done before.
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